Matilda, the Genius

This book is about a small girl called Matilda. She had a brother, Michael and they stayed with their parents (Mr and Mrs. Wormwood). She was a talented girl, when she was one and a half years old, she knew as many words as an adult. However, her parents instead of applauding Matilda, they called her a noisy chatterbox. When she was three years old, she taught herself by reading newspaper and magazines in the house. In her house, there is no book except a cooking book in the kitchen. Matilda had read the book a couple time and had memorized all the recipes in the book by heart. She asked her father to buy her a book but her father refused to. Whenever her parents and brother were not at home, she would go to the National Library.

When she turned five years old, she started to go to school. She started school quite late among the peer as her parents did not bother about her. In this book, Matilda would played some tricks on her parents, such as putting superglue on her father’s hat or her mother’s violet dyed hair shampoo. Her form teacher, Miss Honey is caring and patience with children. Her headmistress, Miss TrunchBull who is large-sized, very fierce and worst of all, she dislike children.Soon Matilda realised she had a special power to move things. When Miss TrunchBull came, Matilda would use her super power to write on the whiteboard, When Miss TrunchBull read it, she thought the words was written by her dead brother, she fainted with fear. Nigel (one of the pupil) poured a glass of cold water onto Miss TrunchBull. Mysteriously, Miss TrunchBull woke up later and vanished from the school with guilt. Matilda was then put in the top class. She and Miss Honey became best friend. One day when she got home, she saw her parents packing bags as they were moving to Spain and would never be coming back. Matilda ran to Miss Honey and ask her for help. Matilda refused to follow her parents. Matilda ‘s parents agreed to let Miss Honey to take care of Matilda.

I personally found the book is very interesting and strongly believe children would love to read this book. Our children need abundance of varieties to develop enormous imaginations and creativity.