Considering a job in Hospitality Management?

Hotel management provides a glamorous career considering these positions are in hotels, cruise ships, clubs, resorts, restaurants, amusement parks, convention centers etc. Being an entertaining place, excellent organizational specialties must be implemented in order to provide the type of service that makes these venues so glamorous. The first thing you need to start your career is enroll yourself in one of the best Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi.

About Cradle of Management Institute

Cradle Management Institute is widely acknowledged amongst the best of the best hotel management institutes in Delhi. The sprawling campus situated very conveniently near international airport and Gurgaon, has a very good connectivity from any location around. Spacious classrooms, modern practical labs with all the necessary equipment and facilities are the signature of the institute. CMI has a record of offering scholarships to many needy meritorious students. It has handpicked the best industry hardened faculty members who are very much experienced in their respective departments. The placement cell guarantees 100% job placement post their courses. It has a library where students get a chance to read from the various writers to further enhance their knowledge.

Now let us discuss how a hotel operates to keep its fame making it a successful business-

Manage Budgets

There cannot be a business to run if there is no profit to gain. Whatever the business is, managing any hospitality operation is a complex position that requires looking after several departments within the organization. All of these departments have allocated budgets to them. It is the General Manager’s job to disperse enough money to these departments that will ensure an efficient workflow toward the overall success of the hotel. Two major responsibilities are marketing and controlling expenditures.


Marketing is a very important task that a Hospitality Manager must oversee. In order for a hotel, cruise line, restaurant, resorts, clubs and Amusement Park to thrive, they must let the surrounding people know that they exist. Planning and strategizing smart marketing projects needs money to support it. Everything from advertisements, sales plans, investing in signs and billboards, banners, business cards and customized marketing pamphlets all need to be taken into consideration when managing a marketing budget.

Cost Controlling

Every department within a hospitality organization has a need. All financial needs cannot always be met immediately. The hotel managers always monitor their expenditures; otherwise the hotel would go bankrupt any time. The General Manager needs to be aware of all the expenses. No matter if they have already allocated a set budget, they always need to know how each department is spending their allowance. The allocated funds need to be spent right way or it can be re-verified.

Supervise Maintenance

Any operation that serves the general public is a kind of liability. It is the Hospitality Manager’s responsibility to make sure that everything on the property is working well and safe.
The hospitality business not only deals with the internal operations of a business but also the exterior. Maintaining a property with good appeal always attracts guests. Hotel authorities need to make sure that there should not be any hazard while people try to take a round of the hotel periphery. The management often oversees indoor and outdoor renovation projects as well to keep it look like new any time.


A good Manager from Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi may be in charge of hiring the best security personnel for their establishment and overseeing their daily operations as well. Security is very important. Unfortunately, all the people coming to the hotel do not have proper manners. Although local law enforcement is always on standby to aid any needs of the public. Presence of security personnel checking every minute details, makes guests feel safe. It also works well for preventative measurements in terms of probable security threat.

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