Motivating the Unmotivated Kid: What to Do

Raising teenagers can be a challenging task, especially when they lose their motivation. When a middle school kid stops doing their assignments, extra-curricular activities, and chores, parents should help motivate them. Remember that in the past, teenagers were hardworking members of society, and therefore being lazy and unmotivated is not natural to adolescence. Parents should also remember that shouting and getting angry will not help their teenage children. Here are some strategies parents and guardians can use to motivate teenagers.

How do they benefit?

Human beings generally do things that they feel add value to their lives. If there is nothing to be gained from an activity, very few people will volunteer to engage in it. When teenagers are unwilling to do the chores or their schoolwork, they do not see the benefit of those tasks. To help, parents should ensure that they give middle school kids chores that directly benefit them. For instance, they will see the need to do laundry because they need to wear clean clothes to school. To motivate teenagers to do their school work, remind them that they need the grades to get into a good college program.

Do Not Play Savior

When kids lose their motivation and stop doing their chores or schoolwork, parents feel the need to do it for them. If teenagers spend their entire day playing video games and do not clean their room, it sets a bad precedent when their parents keep doing it for them. Parents sometimes do their kids’ school projects and assignments, too. Allow the teenagers to deal with the consequences of their actions, such as detention for not finishing a school project. That way, they learn the benefits of doing things on time.

Make Activities Fun

Teenagers react very well to fun activities. For boys, parents can add an element of competition to chores within the home. For adults working with teenagers in school, making class projects fun can go a long way in motivating them to do more in class.

Help Them Set Goals

Sometimes kids may have too much on their plate, and when they fail to get it all done, they lose their motivation. That can affect their self-esteem as they feel incapable. Sit the teenager down and help them write down all the things they do in school and after school, including after school jobs. Allow them to choose several activities that they can manage and then set realistic and achievable goals. For example, getting a higher grade in math or finishing their chores early. When they achieve these goals, they will be motivated to do more things.

Let Them Have a Say

When parents run the home as an authoritarian system, teenagers feel excluded. Allowing them to have a say in their chores and the classes they take in school will ensure that they know adults recognize them as individuals and respect their opinions.

Teenagers need to be encouraged and motivated so that they achieve their goals and do well in school. Using the above tips, parents can help middle school kids work harder and achieve their goals.