4 things you should know when buying ink cartridges

One of the things that comes to mind when we buy a printer, whether for home or for work, is whether they are cheap ink cartridges. Many people go to the stores to buy the official cartridges with the exaggerated extra cost you have to pay for each of them, looking like they are selling “unicorn blood” instead of ink.

That is why we wanted to make a list of the four things you should know when buying ink cartridges.

Difference between toner and ink

To operate efficiently, printers use ink or toner cartridges. It is important to know the difference between both:

  • For the ink we could say that it is a process similar to that used by pens when writing on a paper, only this time it is applied by the printer.
  • Toner is a powder that is distributed throughout the paper while burning with a laser when printed. Some call it “dry ink.”

In some printers, if you use compatible cartridges such as Canon PGI 250XL, they may not let you see the amount of ink remaining in the consumable. So it is convenient to have some spare in case we see that the print quality begins to fail.

What ink cartridge I need?

The ink refills, as we have already mentioned, are not a cheap purchase if you throw to the officers. But do not worry because it is very easy to find offers and websites offering quality compatible cartridges at a much better price.

A good online store is the one that informs you about the cartridge or toner you need depending on the printer you have. These stores have a large selection of consumables of different brands and with a complete product file in which you will find for which printer model each one is compatible.

Should I trust companies that sell unofficial cartridges?

In most cases, buying a compatible ink cartridge is going to be quite cheaper than an official one. Anyway you just have to find the right dealer for your needs to buy pgi 250.

We have made it easy for you, knowing the needs of the clients to the maximum and giving a good service at the level of price, quality, ease of purchase and distribution. If you prefer to continue paying a surcharge for each one of the consumables you buy, it’s up to you, we can not easily put it on.