How to choose a canopy or shop awnings?

Canopies or shop awnings protect the front door from the elements. In addition to their protection function, these two advances personalize and give a great view to the front.

1 Awning or Canopy: what is it?

A canopy and an awning are two very similar products. Fixed above the entrance door, these two advances serve as protection against the weather. The difference lies in the materials used.

Difference between an awning and a canopy

The shop awning is a sort of eave, which can be leaned against any part of a building (the terrace awning can protect your terrace for example).

It may have a classic appearance (wood frame covered with tiles) or contemporary (polycarbonate or glass). An entrance door canopy is specifically designed to protect a front door.

The shop awning is composed specifically of a wrought iron frame, often fan-shaped and glazed. It is always placed above a front door.

Door awning and canopy are quite similar and most of the time designate the same type of product, namely an entry door protection.

The benefits of an awning or canopy

Installing a canopy or commercial awning over a front door has many advantages. It guarantees protection against the elements: sun, rain or snow. An awning also offers a pleasant and secure reception area. It protects the threshold of the house, which can then be embellished with an outdoor doormat or potted plants. By bringing a certain aestheticism to the reception area of ​​the house, it gives view to the entire facade.

Different models of shop awnings and canopies

There are different models of canopy or awning. Classic or contemporary, with metal or wooden structure, transparent or opaque, all find a place of choice above the front door.

The wooden shop awning for shop

This is certainly the most classic commercial awning model. With its wooden frame, covered with tile panels, it is robust and brings a traditional touch to the facade of the house.

Like a small roof, its dimensions range from 1.40 to 3.25 meters in length depending on the model. Resting on two consoles fixed in the wall, the frame is covered in general with tiles. The wood species vary depending on the model: fir or oak. The structure can be painted or stained according to the desires.

Aluminum, stainless steel or resin door shop awning

With a contemporary look, these shop awning models have an elegant and airy design. The light and discreet metal structure supports a transparent polycarbonate or glass cover. Highly resistant, polycarbonate does not require any specific maintenance. The structure can be black, gray or white.

Shop Awning and canopy: transparent or opaque cover?

The cover of an awning can be:

  • Transparent or translucent:it is then composed of glass, polycarbonate or acrylic, easy-care materials.
  • Opaque: it is then most often a tiled cover.

The sun’s rays pass more or less through the cover panel, depending on its transparency and thickness.

Translucent, it lets the light through while softening the sun’s rays. Note that a translucent panel does not distinguish the precise outlines of an object unlike a transparent cover.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the choice paper writer of the opacity of the cover can be partly guided by the sunshine of the entrance door and thus its exposure.