5 Tips To Protect Your Baby From Air Pollution

As you know, the little ones are very delicate. Even a few dust particles through their nostrils can get them sick. While it’s not easy to shield them from all the contaminants in the air, we can always do something to help keep their respiratory tracks germs-free.

From changing our bad habits, to literally keeping the little ones from those dusty or smoky areas, we can give our babies protection from any form of air pollution. It’s all about sticking to those simple practices and you’re good to go.

Let’s see how you can protect your baby from air pollution.

  1. Don’t Smoke

Even if you can’t do without a puff, don’t smoke while you’re pregnant. And not just that, avoid being a passive smoker. When you inhale smoke, it directly goes into your baby’s bloodstream, and you don’t want to imagine the harm it can cause to your baby. The smoke from tobacco cause inflammation in the baby’s respiratory tract, which may result in more serious breathing problems when the baby is born.

  1. Keep Off Contaminated Air

Whether you’re expectant, or your baby is already here, keep off the contaminated air that’s common with most cities. Well, a morning jog in the city is all fun, but it’s just not good at this time. You may also feel like taking your baby out in pram to the streets, but still, it’s not safe for them. The city air is usually contaminated with smoke from vehicles, and this is harmful to the baby. Contaminated air not only affect their breathing but also their brain development.

  1. Keep Air In Your Home Clean

Of course, you’ll spend the better part of your time with your baby at home, and, therefore, it starts with your home. Before you think of keeping off the dusty or smoky areas, try and improve the air in your home. Avoid things like moulds in those damp areas, keep the house as dust-free as possible, and open the windows to improve air circulation in the house.

  1. Drink Plenty Of water

While you may have done your best to avoid smoke and contaminated air, you don’t have 100% control over air pollution. That means some smoke and dust particles may have passed through your nostril and entered into your body. The only way to minimize their effect on the body is through detoxification. Usually, taking plenty of water helps with this. So, take lots of water after taking a stroll in the streets.

  1. Minimize Car Trips

You thought it’s safer to carry your little one around in a car? Well, you’re mistaken. Lots of exhaust fumes that get into your car accumulate in the cabin and your baby can easily get into contact with them. So, don’t get used to the car. Instead, choose a pram from the available foldable pushchairs to walk with your baby. However, if you must use a car, keep the windows shut to prevent exhaust gases from entering your car.

Protect your baby from air pollution to keep them healthy.