Top 6 tips for choosing a college

What are the elements to take into account when choosing a college for your child? Here are six criteria to help you in your thinking.

Choosing best colleges in the world for your child is sometimes difficult. It is not easy to know what is best for him.

The geographical aspect

Start by making a complete list of the various colleges located near you or accessible within a reasonable transport time. A trip that exceeds an hour seems excessive. Do not hesitate to do some research in specialized directories on the Internet, because we do not spontaneously think of all the real possibilities. In doing this exercise, you will make up your list of possible colleges. It may also be interesting to include in this list some boarding schools.

The academic level of the college

It is important to evaluate the academic level of each school. It is indeed necessary that your child is found in an environment which corresponds to his capacities. For this, nothing like getting in touch with families who already have children in these institutions to support your own idea. Incidentally, also find out about the amount of homework that college students have to do in each institution. This will give you directions. Also consider the options for choosing a college.

Establishment project

Try to find out what the institution’s culture is to determine if it’s right for you. For example, look at whether such a college offers only to educate students or if it seeks more broadly to develop all their personality. Is this college very socially uniform or welcoming a certain social mix? What are the links between teachers and parents?

The religious character of the establishment

You will quickly identify which are the public colleges and which are the private colleges, and among these, those which are denominational. It’s up to you if you want your child to receive religious instruction in college.

Personalized support for some pupils

By browsing the website of the school, or by meeting with the teaching staff, you will appreciate whether personalized support can be offered to students who need it. In fact, your child may have learning disabilities. It requires careful monitoring and special tutoring. In another way, if your child is identified as “early”, it may require more work to not get bored. It’s up to you to appreciate the quality of listening and flexibility of the institution!

The financial aspect

There may be large disparities in tuition fees that are demanded by schools. Schooling is free in public institutions. The tuition can go up to € 500 per month in establishments not under contract. This point is obviously important for choosing a college. These tuition fees can also be seen as an investment in the future of the student.

If choosing a college for your child seems very difficult, rest assured, you are in the same situation as many parents!

If the level of the institution where you eventually enroll it seems too low, new solutions of additional schooling exist to preserve its chances of future success.