Why education is more important than ever

The impact of quality education in an individual’s life cannot be neglected. Gone are the days when both the educated and the uneducated had equal opportunities in life. Education has been the key to success for many years and especially today when most areas of life are so competitive.

Here are some reasons why getting some quality education is more critical than it ever was.

More jobs than ever require a college degree

A few decades ago, it was quite easy to score a well-paying job without a degree. However, times have now changed. Recruiters have so many resumes to choose from, that they have added a degree as a deciding factor to weed out job applicants without one.

This makes it very hard to find blue and white collar jobs when you are uneducated or when your level of education is below a college or university. To increase your chances of getting a good job, it’s advised that you invest as many years into education as you possibly can.

Competing with educated job applicants is tough

Even when some jobs don’t require a degree, it doesn’t mean that individuals with degrees cannot apply.

There is a rising level of unemployment around the world that is affecting even highly educated people. This means that even they sometimes have to apply to jobs that don’t require a college degree or else risk remaining unemployed.

Employers, on the other hand, favor people who have a high level of education even when it doesn’t mean that they are better workers. To remain competitive in this age, it is better to have a degree and not need it, than to require one and not have it.

Education builds character

Education builds an individual’s character only when it exposes them to other people.

Classrooms of one student are nonexistent and more likely than not, a typical class will involve a lot of diversity. There may be students from different races, social status, ethnic groups, religions, and even countries.

Living and learning with individuals different from us helps us learn vital skills such as kindness, humility, love, and how to control anger and temperament. These are all essential skills towards developing our characters, and we would miss out on them by shying away from education.

Education equips us with knowledge and skills

Any form of schooling is geared towards the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Most people view learning institutions as a means to get jobs. But the benefits of education surpass a career and guide you throughout your life. You can employ the skills and knowledge gained in starting your own business, investing your money, and so much more.

The bottom line

Any person who misses out on getting quality education misses out on so much. This is why governments around the world are investing heavily in education to ensure that all their citizens, young and old, have easy access to high-quality education.

In areas where children cannot access or afford education, many organizations are stepping up to lend a hand. For example, education programs through Yad Ezra have enabled several children in Israel afford quality education