Boomr’s Attendance Tracker App Helps Educators Make Student Time & Attendance Easy

Controlled school attendance is a very important task for schools and, in particular, of teachers. By prioritizing your child’s school attendance, you will take an important step to support your school success and set a good example. Therefore, there are several tools that allow tracking not only the student’s attendance, but also their grades and personal evaluation. One of them is Boomr.

Boomr is a time tracking software and attendance tracker app that helps schools and educators easily keep track of time & attendance for students. No matter if they are in the classroom or remote, Boomr has GPS technology that helps teachers maintain simple time & attendance of their students with their mobile time clock app.
The tutors of the students could consult from their home or their work the time at which the student has arrived at the center and the hours at which he has attended the class.

Its operation is based on the generation of digital attendance and tracking lists, which are stored in the cloud, thus ensuring that the information is safe and can be reviewed at any time and place by simply entering the application from the mobile device.

To that extent, the teacher does not need to carry with them those long printed lists that can become annoying, deteriorate and also require a task of quantification and analysis at the end.

One of the main advantages of this tool lies in the automation: once the teacher has entered the data of their students and courses, the following activity becomes a much easier task, since it is enough to enter the information referring to the course, group and student, and then the application is automatically responsible for keeping the record and averages, making the teacher not worry about drawing figures and making calculations.

Some of the things that can be done through Attendance are:

  • Creation of courses.
  • Definition of groups of students with personalized schedules.
  • Add or withdraw students in a work group.
  • Take the attendance report.

This tool was created for mobile devices with Android operating system and can be downloaded for free.