Find Something for Your Kids to do This Summer in West Valley, Utah

Summer camp has changed a lot in recent years, making a rebound after decades of decline among American families. In the past, summer camp was mostly focused on “outdoorsy” activities and not so much on any kind of structured education. They were more a way to get the kids out of the house for a few days or weeks. Today, summer camps are often fully lesson planned with a curriculum designed to be educational and developmental while still being fun and exposing kids to nature (in some cases).

However, summer camp no longer really means cabins in the woods, canoes and campfires. Instead, there are Theatre, STEM, Robotics and even Ninja camps. Literary, Historical and even the “traditional” camps also exist. Summer camps can and should be used to keep kids’ minds engaged and learning during the summer months. According to research from many leading sources, children can lose about 2.5 months of math and the equivalent of one month of learning overall during the summer.

You can help your child or children keep up with or accelerate ahead of their peers by enrolling them in a summer camp for kids west valley ut. These camps may not be cheap, and you want to make sure you are getting everything that you pay for. Yelp can also be useful for finding other things close to the locations where your kid or kids are attending camp, like places to eat etc.

Utah’s State Government has a great online resource for locating STEM related summer camps and programs including coding (in the Northern region). Coding is a great summer program option because coding is expected to become a top career area as we continue to rely more and more on computer automation. Children who are exposed to coding early have a better chance on becoming fluent in coding languages and getting better paying jobs after college.

There are several options for Arts programs as well. Arts are important for kids to explore in the summer because they lead to more well-rounded individuals, allow kids to explore their creative side and build interpersonal skills. Programs like theatre, public speaking and dance can be very beneficial to kids in the summer.

Summer doesn’t have to be a waste for your kid or kids and they can do so much more than sit in front of the TV or waste all day every day with their friends. They can build skills that will set them up for success, explore their creative talents and overall have an engaging and productive season. Summer camps can help kids learn teamwork, to keep trying even when they fail at something, decision making and how to try new things. Camp programs are also credited with helping kids develop in other, intangible ways such as socially and emotionally. There are few other things that can be done over the summer to improve your child’s skill set than summer camp.