Summer Vacation: A Time to Learn

Summer is an adventurous time of year, especially for kids on vacation from school. Working parents search high and low to give their child the opportunity to have fun while learning in a safe environment. There are a variety of classes geared toward different interests, including art, sports, and academic. 

The possibilities of summer programs for kids minneapolis mn are abundant. Particularly creative and expressive children often choose to explore the arts while out of school. Music, dance, theater, design, and even knitting classes are available for kids living in the Minneapolis area. 

Those with a general interest in art might choose one of two places in the area: Intermedia Arts or Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Intermedia Arts allows kids from ages 12 to 18 years old to learn how to use art in a way that creates social change. Some of the hands-on experiences available here include exploring film-making and graffiti with qualified instructors. Students will definitely discover a greater appreciation for art. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts also offers much to someone who admires beauty. The amount of recreational activities available to the public at large is copious. MIA provides classes for youth with an interest in drawing, such as aspiring cartoonists, to improve their skills and techniques. 

Another popular camp choice among kids suits quintessentially athletic and energetic personalities. Sports programs are widespread throughout Minneapolis and include the likes of football, basketball, gymnastics, taekwondo, and even those for runners. 

Plenty of parents choose the YWCA for their active child. The YWCA differs from the YMCA, of which is also available in the area. Here at the YWCA, kindergarten through fifth grade students participate in fun, exciting events daily. Both Minneapolis locations offer STEAM-based, as well as cultural activities to promote learning. Additionally, YWCA offers games and sports, such as swimming. Weekly field trips are another great perk. 

An alternative program for sprightly children with a need to exert energy is available in the area. This example of a camp that doesn’t focus on just one sport is the Nike Ultimate Camp at University of Minnesota. 24 programs in 15 different sports are conveniently available. People of all ages can find opportunity at the Nike Ultimate Camp, but kids ages 10-18 will likely have the most options. 

Lastly, many precocious children of Minneapolis decide to continue their education in the summer. They explore the list of camps for the academically inclined. These include science, transportation, and landscaping camps. 

Kids without a preference for what they learn and do are likely to favor the Minnehaha Academy. The Minnehaha Academy offers endless opportunities and programs for children of all ages. The Minnehaha Academy summer day camp allows children in pre-kindergarten to eighth grade full and half day options. The mornings consist of instructional bustle, while the afternoons are devoted to learning how to swim. Children learn about art, music, and science and find themselves that much smarter upon returning to school. Inevitably, Parents and children alike appreciate the flexibility of the area’s day camps. What better way for a Minnesotan kid to learn and have fun than by participating in programs designed for summer vacation?