How Student Trackers Can Help Nurseries

Nurseries have one of the most significant responsibilities in a young persons’ life. They are expected to educate children about the world through play and creative activities in a safe environment. While also nurturing their curiosity and increasing their confidence to learn essential skills, such as potty training. These aspects of a young person’s development provide a solid base for a child’s future years of education to build upon.

About Student Trackers

By investing in sophisticated technology such as student tracking software, nurseries can provide a better education for each child and enhance the reputation of the nursery too. EYFS Tiny Tracker, for instance, can be tailored to support a nursery’s objectives. Such as monitoring attendance or specific stages in each child’s development, in line with what is expected for early years students. Below we discuss the advantages of student tracking software in more detail.

Promote Transparency and Communication

Parents are often eager to ask their children what they have been up to at school. However, nursery children, in particular, are usually not yet equipped with the vocabulary to articulate the learning and fun they had that day. Student tracking software, such as EYFS Tiny Tracker software, in particular, is a favored piece of software amongst nurseries that you can find more about at As it permits parents to view evidence of what their child has been learning and doing at nursery. This is one of the reasons why parents approve of student tracking systems because it reveals how well their child is doing and that they’re being taken care of. Nurseries also appreciate it as another means of communication to express the needs of a child to parents through a secure system. This is particularly handy for a nursery when a parents’ time is restricted during drop-offs and pick-ups.

Monitor Each Child’s Progression with the Learning Journal

EYFS tiny trackers allows parents to access their child’s ‘learning journal’ with their own login details. The journal features a collection of pictures, videos, audios, and comments submitted by the teacher to demonstrate skills the pupil has exercised. For example, a video of watering the plants in the garden and expressing an understanding that living things have needs. Or an audio of a little one voicing numbers 1 to 10. In doing so, nurseries can show parents if their little ones are doing well, or need additional support at home to complement their education at nursery. Parents can message the teachers to discuss their suggestions and ask questions about their childs’ progress throughout the year too.

Enhance Nurseries Standards and Reputation

Nurseries are subject to visits from government-regulated organizations that analyze the standard of a school. Based on areas such as the quality of teaching and level of care provided. A successful nursery understands there are always areas that can be improved. And student management systems such as Tiny tracker support this notion. Data collected on students through their learning journals and assessments provide nursery teachers the means to categorize and convert data into valuable information promptly. Such as assessing academic progress and attendance in specific year groups and classes. Defining areas for improvement with student management software empowers nurseries to create goals and create a plan of action to strive for excellence.