Academic tutoring represents a set of strategies and intervention proposals under which a group of subjects (guardian and tutors) accompany each other from exchanging their experiences, their visions, even the ghosts that pursue them. The tutoring emerged as a reinforcement to help the systems to prop up something that was falling, the failures of the students in the schools and universities really are the tip of the iceberg that hides or that does not allow to see easily the great failure of all the system. The purpose of hiring home tutors in Singapore is to raise the fallen, push the slow, listen to those who do not speak, revive the dead, in all of this the strategy of accompaniment is the best way to educate and redirect the educational path.

Accompaniment in education is part of one of the meanings and classical definitions in education, the old pedagogue, the slave who led the children from home to school, was also a tutor, accompanied the subjects and the magic of This metaphor is related to walking by his side, with listening and conversing and with the fact of talking from reconstructing the experiences that are lived or the things that are looked at by the road through which one walks.

This is why tutoring is very important because it is the arrival and assistance of another, not as something alien to the subject but as an extension of itself.

There are subjects who do not need tutors, the best tutor they have is themselves, but there are others who need them too much, they have forged a certain margin of dependence where the other, their assistance and interventions are important.

On the other side is the figure of the tutor, the one who accompanies, the one who is there, the one who listen. In the specialized literature three classic models are recognized in the figure of the tutor: the managerial approach, the non-directive approach and the focus of the let’s do, there would be a room that would be the facilitator-democratic tutor model.

Each style of being a tutor, responds intimately to the personality of the person who carries it out. Tutoring is also linked to psychological theories and currents, behaviorism to reinforce certain desired behaviors in the tutee, humanism to recognize the dimension of the person, psychoanalysis where the unconscious drives that determine behavior emerge, the systemic approach that articulates and integrates different situations of the subject in their environment and acts accordingly. I am being very schematic and even reductionist but what I want to say here is that behind each position in the style of tutoring are forms and personality types..

The accompaniment is very important because it allows to build a horizon through which they are constructed symbolically, in the same way a kind of mirrors that allow to approach, define, delimit, project the ways of being of both.

In its operational phase, tutoring serves, among many other things, for three major issues:

  1. a) To draw realistic goals between them and walk in consequences.
    b) To make sense of the journey and the accompaniment in the search of the objectives that were drawn.
    c) To humanize our bonds and become human from being with other humans equal and different from others.