How to prepare well for recruitment tests?

Many companies are starting to use tests in their recruitment process. The same goes for psychometric tests (personality test, potential, motivation), through the tests of knowledge (spelling, languages, software), not to mention the business questionnaires(development, engineer, commercial).

These tests / questionnaires are used to support a first feeling in interview or to go further in the knowledge of the candidate. The CV, cover letter and interview are not enough to objectively evaluate a candidate. Recruiters often use tests such as UPTET 2019..

So how do you prepare for it so you can give your best and the results reflect the best of the candidate you are? We give you some tips!

Prepare for personality tests

This is where the recruiter told you, you are asked to take a personality test. Do not panic, blow, it’ll be fine. This is not a biopsy of your brain or an analysis of your psychological health. A personality test is simply an analysis of it so that the recruiter can make an objective statement and situate you in relation to the values ​​of the company and its members.
So that there are no surprises if you come to be selected, answer the questions posed sincerely. Imagine the situation and choose the answer that is closest to your potential reaction.

If you answer by skewing your answers to please the company, the gap between your test results and your real personality will be felt. Being honest and staying true to yourself is the key to passing these tests.

Prepare for potential tests

A potential test includes different types of questions in order to evaluate all of your potential. There is a good chance you will find questions about logic, math, syntax, and so on. If these tests are offered after an interview, the recruiter will ensure that you are in the best conditions. You may also have to take the test from home, make sure you are in good shape. If you are tired, sick or otherwise, postpone the test.

When you feel ready, isolate yourself, check your internet connection (to avoid bugs) and read the instructions on the test procedure. For some, you are entitled to items such as a draft sheet for example.

Prepare for Knowledge Tests / Business Questionnaires

Knowledge tests or business questionnaires are there to assess the skill level of the candidate. In particular, they make it possible to check whether the candidate has inflated his candidacy or if he has failed to highlight certain skills.

There is no point in revising your accounting court just before if you have a test to pass. They simply translate a global level of competence and allow the recruiter to anticipate the training time before being operational. If you try to cheat these tests, certainly your application will make a good impression, but once in business the gap will be felt and you may taint your legitimacy for the job.

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It is now common to cross tests during job search. These make it possible to judge an application as objectively as possible.
Put the odds on your side by optimizing the conditions for passing tests and staying closest to who you really are. With these tests the false pretenses are quickly felt so avoid “cheating” and if you are recruited you will feel really legitimate.