How to Ace Any Interview by Knowing Interview Questions to Ask and Answer

Well, don’t just sit there at an interview-ask some questions! That’s what interviewers expected you to do. So preparing for an interview should include both knowing how to answer tough questions and strategic questions to ask.Questions at interviewsWhen you prepare questions to ask, you’re able to blend those questions into the interview. This enables you to get the information you need to match your skills and abilities to the job’s specifications.So intersperse some of your questions within the interview. You’ll get to pop the rest of your questions towards the end of an interview. That’s when you’ll probably be asked if you have any questions. It’s your cue to take out the list of questions you’ve prepared and fire away with those questions that remain unanswered.

If you don’t have any questions at interviews, hiring managers will think you’re either stupid or ill-prepared. So when an interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions?” that’s your cue to take out your list and fire away. Yes, it is permissible to bring a list of questions to the interview and refer to them. This will impress interviewers because it shows you’ve taken time to prepare beforehand.Four powerful questions to ask interviewers

“What do you expect me to accomplish during the first six months?”

“How will my performance be evaluated?”

“Is there an incumbent doing this job or is it a newly created position?”

“What are your company’s plans for expansion or contraction? I don’t want to be caught in another downsizing.”
You’ll come up with more questions to ask at each interview by researching the company at the library and on its website.Benefits of preparing interview questionsPreparing questions in advance helps you give winning interviews two reasons First, asking questions gives you more to say at interviews. And second, by asking a set of questions about the job and company, you’ll become more involved with prospective employers.

The biggest benefit of asking questions is that you’ll give the impression that you’re a thoughtful, intelligent, and knowledgable candidate who is interested in the job and company.While preparing for your next interview, use what you’ve just learned in this article. First, write down the four questions mentioned above. Then add to your list of questions about the job, questions about company with whom you’re interviewing. Preparing this way enables you answer another interview question often asked: “why do you want to work here?”