The Secret of Handling Money God’s Way

The typescript is clearly, a reflection of due consideration of the age-grade being addressed. The book layout and graphic make it excellent to read the whole book at one go – it is clearly a page-turner. Logical presentation of the book using a fictional narrative style would encourage any child that reads and works through the book to diligently search the Scriptures.The book is a beautifully presented presentation of the introduction to Christian Faith to the youths using fictional story lines. That the author used a focus on financial discourse in the Bible to communicate her message should not deny her the honour and recognition she well deserved. The simplicity of style and language make reading it a great pleasure. Though directed at 8 – 12 year olds, any age can benefit from the well simplified concept of money-making and money handling for youngsters. It is a well-expressed literary genius of its genre.

Even though the title of the book clearly suggests that the book is presenting the Biblical perspective of money matters to children, other aspects of life are carefully integrated into the fictional narratives. These include, but are not limited to – working as a team, leadership by example, good parenting, love, compassion, trusting and depending on God (Faith), as well as omnipotence of God.The book is written in twelve short, easy to read chapters of about three pages in each chapter. This makes getting the fact and message of each chapter very easy for the children. It must be stated here that the use of grammar and idiom in this book is uncomplicated and easy to understand for children. My suggestion regarding this is that the book be prescribed for young people of ages 10 – 16 years rather than 8 – 12 year olds. This is because, in spite of the spread of modern education and attendant pedagogic varieties in contemporary education, true monetary/financial education is missing in the orthodox teaching curricula.With the exception of a few typographical oversights, The Secret of Handling Money God’s Way is anexcellent piece of literary work. It is well presented to introduce the young Christian to the increasingly complex world of money, finance, and Christian service to God.My concern about the context and setting of this book (if any) is that children depend largely on parents’ income and goodwill, rather than earned income. It may seem a bit too early to expect children in the stated age-bracket fully comprehend and grasp the implication of selfless giving. Having stated this, the idea would be more appreciated by children aged 10 – 16 years (even the author used eleven year olds in her illustration!). Similarly, the story lines in each chapter illustrate man-made and miraculous interventions from God. However, little mention is made of how to “make money grow” exponentially.

In spite of the above, the highly imaginative effort of the author has resulted in creating a unique book that can influence every reader irrespective of their age. To get the best out of the book it is best to explore the interactive programme using the Bible passages, the memory verses, and carrying out other simple tasks to challenge the mind.In conclusion, I highly recommend the book to young persons, households, youth groups, and individual adults in the household of Faith. It is a ‘must-have’ for those who are willing and humble enough to learn the rudiments of the workings of God’s economy.