Bachelors In Psychology As The New Professional Course

A bachelors degree in psychology allows a student to expand and extend the knowledge and skills in the professional arena of psychology such as counselling, assessment, ethics, and research skills. A degree holder in psychology is expected to gain the competencies, which are required to be a potent scientist-practitioner.

The job prospects in the field of psychology would depend on the institution from which you have gained the degree. Many institutions provide courses in psychology, but there are only a limited number of institutions that make the student ready for the professional world and make him holistically ready.

One of the best institutions to get a bachelor (Hons) degree in psychology is ACS. Click here for degree programmes in technology ACSSingly driven to offer excellent quality of education to children, Asomi College of Sciences is an accredited institution of higher education that was founded with the sole goal of creating and enhancing innovative models and solutions within the academic context.

Their education curriculum is focused more on skill enhancement and inculcating practical knowledge in children so that they are ready to meet the exigencies of the world and deal with whatever the world has to throw at them. They use effective tools to enhance the real-time learning of their students.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Psychology

The professional bachelor in psychology degree is a fully accredited programme. Once the student gets registered, they are expected to work with an approved supervisor in any field of psychology. The career options in this field are many including opportunities in the public and private health care sphere, non-governmental organisations, corrective services, etc.

A physiotherapist is also required in child protective services. many people believe that there is no difference between a bachelors and the bachelors (Hons) degree. However, they are wrong. Even though both of them are academic careers, they have several differences. Today, all around the world, the Hons. The degree is in the vogue.

The basic degree lies in dissertation completion. To complete a Hons degree in BSc, the student will have to write a dissertation, which on the other hand is not compulsory in the BSc degree. The Hons degree is touted as much superior to the ordinary B.Sc. degree because the B.Sc. Hons is much more academically proficient and difficult to complete.

Even in the professional sphere, those who have a BSc Hons degree get jobs easily as compared to those who have an ordinary Bsc degree. A student with a Bsc Hons degree will always be the first preference of the recruiters. This is also because of the study period of Bsc. Hon’s degree is more than the ordinary Bsc degree.

A BSc. Degree would take three years to complete while the Bsc Hons degree takes four years for completion.


The field of psychology is gaining thrust these days and there is a need for new and young professionals in the field. This is the right time to get yourself admitted to a reputed education institution for your professional studies in psychology.