How to manage your time in your student life

Most students, regardless of their level, agree that managing time as a student is one of the most difficult aspects of studying.

The way you manage your time will determine your ability to succeed in your studies. Here are some tips to better manage your time using Times tables when you are a student:

Use a calendar

Find and use a calendar. This can be a calendar paper, or a built-in calendar to your mobile phone. Whatever the type of calendar, the important thing is to have one.

Rate ALL

Write and plan everything you have to do. Plan your revisions, bedtime, time to get up, distractions, meal times etc.

Keep time to relax.

Do not forget to plan moments to relax and take time, for yourself and do what you love, plan it too.

Try new systems

If you are using a calendar on your phone and it is not convenient enough, switch to the paper calendar, if the calendar does not work, switch to the digital calendar.

Try to incorporate color codes to sort your priorities in order of importance.

Do you allow flexibility

Things do not always go as planned. You did not know it was your roommate’s birthday this weekend, and you can not miss the event.

Respect your calendar as much as possible, it is essential to manage your time when you are a student, but be a minimum flexible depending on events.

Plan in advance

Do you know that you have an important dissertation at the end of the semester? Quantify how long each step should take, research, limit the subject and write it down.

If you think it takes 50 hours of work, schedule dedicated hours each week to make sure you’re on time.

Plan the rewards

Although manage time when we are studying is important, but do not neglect to plan also rewards, going out with friends, parties, movies or anything that makes you happy.