K-12 Education and School’s Evolution

When my parents were in elementary school the world was very very different, but it seems as though school in general has remained the same. We still go to a classroom, sit at a desk, and listen to a professor without question. Though technology has given students a different tool and has made most projects digital, school will need a very large makeover in the future. For that reason in this article we will be discussing the K-12 education system and what we will see in the evolution of schools like a private elementary school wichita ks.

K-12 Education And School’s Evolution

Education is the only thing that keeps the spirit of invention and innovation alive. K-12 is the term given to the education system of the United States. It includes primary and secondary education starting from kindergarten and finishing at grade twelve where the students then graduate and move onto higher education in college. Primary education consists of kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade. In these grades students learn how to count, what shapes are, how to read and write, and begin to learn equations, multiplication and division. They begin to write essays on topics and the homework increases and gets a bit harder to comprehend at each level.

Secondary education consists of middle and high school with middle school being the grades sixth, seventh, and eight. Here students begin to connect what they learned about math and different patterns as they begin to calculate and solve problems of geometry. This phase of a student’s education can be a bit tough because not only are they needing to meet the requirements to pass their courses, but they may also be at the initial stages of puberty depending on the student. At this point they begin to be introduced to the idea of college and life after college and will either stay at the same school or transfer to a different school at the beginning of the ninth grade.

Once the student graduates to the ninth grade they are primed to the idea of college. During the next four years everything revolves around college. Some schools even provide Advanced Placement courses or AP classes that when complete give college credits to the student. I studied at a chartered school which provided these types of courses so I entered college with one year of credits so I was considered a sophomore while being a freshman.

In conclusion in this article we discussed the topic of K-12 education and what these grades include. Education is essential but we believe schools won’t be in the future. Students will be able to “log in” to the course they need to take while using a virtual or augmented reality headset. They will be able to go to school while at home. Though these are just ideas, the future will soon show us the next step in evolution of education. For now, our children will continue to go through the K-12 system and will continue to have the choice of attending college or doing something else.