3 tips to organize a class successfully

Are you a teacher and do you want your classes to be good? Know 3 things that every teacher must know to organize and manage their classes, and thus get the best results

Going to a university and learning how to be a good teacher can be effective. But as in everything, the theory must be accompanied by practice. As much as you are very smart and have the lessons ready, a flaw in the way you deal with students can make you give a bad class.

While a teacher is still trained with years of experience and with practice is perfecting their relationship with students and other strategies to make entertaining and interesting classes, there are tips that everyone should know.

1) Do not assume that everyone knows basic behavior routines

While there are some rules of behavior that you can ensure that all students know, it is always preferable to invest time in the first few days to explain how they are going to relate. Details on how to behave when you pass the list, how to organize the class when it comes to group work, or how they should behave when they are in a test … you must clarify everything from day 1.

It is preferable to go slow at the beginning so that then the attitudes in class flow from habit and you can move faster. It does not matter if it takes two weeks, it is important that you internalize the routines and procedures.

2) Balance the rules with relationships

Trying to be a modern and accessible teacher is very difficult. Pretending to be friends with your students will only lead to confusion. You must be a reference, a leader and you need to set limits. You have to be clear in your directions, and modify your way of responding when they do things correctly or if they do it wrong. However, if you notice that you had a bad day, it is also a good idea to worry and show interest. It is positive that you teach them to respect you as a superior figure, but that you also show them that they can trust you and help them

3) Let the students also give the class

While the teacher should lead the class, it is good that your students can be the protagonists of the day. How? Assigning tasks where they should expose the rest of their classmates a reflection on the lesson you gave, where they return on the knowledge they acquired. He should also provide assignment help to encourage their students. By “taking control” they learn to take responsibility and to understand that the task of the teacher is not easy.

Nowadays, students must feel active, that they do not just go to class to sit and listen to an endless monologue. It combines practical activities, uses digital resources, videos, teamwork, experiments in class, everything is welcome. The goal is to make successful classes, where students learn and have a good time.